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Aranmula Village

How to reach Aranmula

How to reach Aranmula this festival season.

Tour to Aranmula

Aranmula is a picturesque village in the state of Kerala. The vast stretches of backwaters, acres of lush green,sweet humming notes of the birds all combine to create this fabulous tourist destination. It therefore comes as no surprise that the government of India has declared it an international tourism destination.

A Tour to Aranmula will give you the splendid opportunity to witness nature at its very best.
The place has a magnetic quality that will surely draw you very close. The calm and serene surroundings, the sight of the water lilies floating on the lucid backwaters and simple rustic people moving about doing their daily activities all mingle together to create an irresistible charm.

Aranmula is well known for its metal mirrors (Aranmulakannadi). This is the point from where the jewels of Lord Ayyappan are taken in a procession each year to Sabarimala. 

Attractions in Tour to Aranmula
The biggest draw of Aranmula is the Parthasarathy Temple. This ancient Krishna Temple located on the banks of the Pamba River is visited by a large number of people regularly. Do offer your prayers at the temple when you plan a Tour to Aranmula.

It is best to plan your Tour to Aranmula when the water carnival is being held. The Boat Race held each year at the time of Onam, a festival in Kerala draws huge crowds. Special boats are constructed for the race. These boats referred to as Snake Boats are capable of accommodating more than 100 oarsmen at a time. Aranmula Heritage Trust is also located in Aranmula. 

                          Artist camp at Aranmula conducted by Aranmula Heritage Trust

Aranmula Parthasaradhi Temple

It is one of the 108 temples and one among the celestial abodes of Lord Vishnu revered by the tamil poets called Alwars(1stmillenium century bc)in their hymns.

Aranmula Parthasaradhi Temple is a major temple in Kerala. The Main idol of worship is Parthasaarathy(Krishna),who was the leader of Arjuna (the pandava prince)in Kurukshetra War. It is said that Arjuna built this temple at Nilackal near Sabarimalai to expiate for the sin of having killed Karna on the battlefield which was against the dharma of killing an unarmed enemy.The idol was brought to Aranmula in a raft made of six pieces of bamboo and
hence the name Aranmula (six pieces of bamboo). It is also believed that Lord Vishnu revealed
the knowledge of creation to Lord Brahma at this place.

The temple is on the left bank of the Pampa River.The temple has four towers over its entrances on its outer wall.The eastern tower is accessed through a flight of 18 steps.The 57 steps from the northern tower leads to river Pampa. The temple is noted for its architecture (vasthu) and fine mural paintings which dates to the 18th century.

The temple is on the left bank of the Pampa River.The sacred jewels (Thiruvaabharanam)of Lord Ayyappa is taken from Aranmula Temple ,in procession to Sabarimalai during the festival season every year.The temple is also known for the watersports (Aranmula vallam kali/boat race)involving a spectacular procession of snake boats.

The Aranmula mirror is also much related to the history of the temple.


The famous Thiruvonathoni of Aranmula Temple is sets for sail of this Onam season.
Keeping alive one of the age-old temple traditions closely linked to the legend of Mahabali, Narayana Bhattathiri of Kattoor Illam at Kumaranallor near here, has set sail on his country boat carrying provisions, for the land of his ancestors who had the privilege of providing the Onasadya (Onam feast) to the deity at the Sri Parthasarathy Temple at Aranmula.

Traditionally it is the eldest male from Kattoor Illam privileged to take the provisions for the ceremonial Onasadya at the temple. As the senior most member of the family.The day began with the special prayers before the deity at the Kumaranallor temple. By 11.45 a.m. he was ready for the journey.

According to legend, the ancestors of Mr. Bhattathiri were ordained to carry the provisions of Onasadya, by the deity at the Aranmula temple. However, generations later, Mr. Bhattathiri’s ancestors migrated from Kattoor to Kumaranallor, but the tradition continued.

Accompanied by representatives of 18 families who offer provisions for the Onam feast at the Aranmula temple, he will change his boat and set sail on the ‘Thiruvonathoni’ on the last leg of his voyage immediately after the deeparadhana at the Sri Mahavishnu Temple at Kattoor on Tuesday, Uthradom day.

He will take the same route for his return journey and reach home on the same Churulan Vallom on which he had set out.

Aranmula Kannadi

Aranmula Kannadi is featured or displayed in many most popular websites in the web. Let's see how the TripleClicks features Aranmula Kannadi...

The Metal Mirror known in the vernacular as “Aranmula Kannadi” may be termed as a Wonderful Creation. A mirror in the original sense made fully in metal reflects image from the metal surface as if from a glass mirror without side difference because the image originates from the surface of this mirror unlike the glass mirror where it originates from the bottom of glass at the level of mercury. Bronze and silver melted in a special ratio in a special furnace by a particular section of people of Aranmula, Kerala , India . It is a traditional craft handed over from generations and kept patented now. It is royal in look and used in ancient times by Royal and Aristocratic Families only. As whole it is molded and the mirror part is smoothened and polished, It is golden except the mirror part. It is one of the best items in the world to decorate visitor’s room, drawing room, bed rooms etc. In Kerala it is believed that it brings prosperity to the home where it locates.These are available in different beautiful shapes and sizes. Costs are also different as per the shape, size and quality.